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The next global standard for hydrocarbon detection and oil field monitoring.


Marmot Passive Monitoring Technologies SA

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The Advisory Board

An international renowned group of industry specialists shall be appointed as members of the advisory board bringing in their personal or local “network” and/or industry know-how. They all bring in strategic advantages in specific areas.

George Malcotsis – Ex-KPMG/Government relations in Switzerland

George Malcotsis
Prof. Dr. George Malcotsis was a partner at KPMG for nearly 20 years leading the “International Management Consulting”. He is a physicist by education. 1997-2007 he was Managing Director of SOFI, Zurich. He is a visiting professor at Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland for “Master of Science Investment Promotion & Economic Development” for Government officials. Currently he has over 70 high-ranking students from 19 developing countries.

Monzer Makhous – Geoscience / Sedimentology/ non-structural traps

Monzer Makhous
Prof. Dr. Monzer Makhous is an expert in sedimentology and the leading specialist for North African Basins. He is a correspondent of CNBC Middle East and has excellent connections to the oil industry in Russia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Svein Kjellesvik – Development Offshore Services

Svein Kjellesvik
Svein Kjellesvik is a former Schlumberger manager and founder, director and Executive Vice President Business Development for Bergen Oilfield Services (BOS). He has best relations to the industry as BOS is an independent service provider for offshore services.

SR Das – Network oil and gas India, South East Asia

SR Das
SR Das is CEO and director of Hydrocarbon Development CO (P) LTD., an oil service company with excellent ties in India and Far East. He is an ex-ONGC manager and well connected to other oil companies in the region.